1 Pair Microfiber High Density Wash Mitts


  • 1 Pair Thick Premium Chenille Microfiber Mitts

  • Wash or Dry Your Pet, Cleans and Drys Wet & Muddy Paws

  • Scratch Free ~ Wash Your Car or Truck

  • Use Dry on Your Flat Screen TVs, Computers etc.

  • Horse Lovers Use for Drying, Applying Fly Spray, Applying Show Products

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Wash Mitts of 2 Red Dogs contains 1 Pair of Premium Chenille Microfiber Mitts. We love them for drying wet or muddy paws but you’ll find a lot of uses for them. These mitts are approximately 10″ x 6″ and have a nice wide elastic band so they stay put on your hands. Throw in the washer but DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER.