Maggie & Drew 6 Pack Microfiber Wash Mitts


  • 6 Pack Economy Microfiber Chenille Mitts ~ Use WET OR DRY

  • Wipe Wet & Dirty Paws or Dry Your Furry Friend

  • Scratch Free for Washing Vehicles

  • Safe to Use Dry on Flat Screen TVs & Computers

  • Throw in the Washer – NO FABRIC SOFTENER PLEASE

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Package of 6 Microfiber Wash Mitts. Chenille Microfiber Fingers on one side and Microfiber on the other side. If you don’t already use these, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without them. We use them on the dog’s wet feet before coming in the house. They’re also great just for drying your furry friend when coming in from the rain. Nothing soaks up wet better than these mitts. They have so many uses, you’ll see why these are packed in a 6 pack. Use dry for dusting and safe to use on your flat screen TVs or computer screens. Wash your car or truck or quad. Use on your horse to apply fly wipe or grooming products. These mitts are an average size ~ 5.5″ x 5.5″ ~ so these won’t fit large hands comfortably. They do work great on a multitude of jobs and we especially love them for drying wet dogs. Then just throw in the washer – just don’t use fabric softener.


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