2 Red Dogs Chew Treats | 9 Piece Mix Treats


  • All Natural ~ Made in the USA ~ Premium High Protein Chews Your Dogs will LOVE

  • Bully Sticks are Great for Aiding in Removing Tartar, Tendons supply chondroitin & glucosamine to strengthen joints & cartilage

  • Dogs Love the Tasty Beef and Lamb that Aids in Keeping your Dogs Teeth and Gums Healthy

  • No Hormones or Additives

  • SAFE These Chews Are Real Meat Products and Not Rawhide

  • Mix treat of 3pcs. of 6” bully sticks, 3pcs. of 5″ tendon and, 3pcs. of lamb ears.

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Dog Lovers know that dogs love to chew!  It is their natural behavior that allows them to exercise their jaws and clean their teeth.

Our Chew Treats made with Premium High Proteins with no Preservatives or Additives and only the best beef and lamb sourced -New Zealand lamb and South American and US beef. (Never in China)

Our dog treats are real meat products and not rawhide. These are excellent for aiding in Removing Tartar, Tendons supply chondroitin, with Glucosamine to strengthen joints and cartilage. Overall,these treats keeps teeth and gums healthy and are good for your dog.

Package contains three pieces of 5″ TENDON, three pieces of LAMB EARS and three pieces of BULLY STICKS.


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