What Are The Benefits Of Bananas For Dogs?

There’s no question that banana is good for us humans, but do you know that bananas (in moderation) are also useful for our fur buddy? Bananas have many benefits for dogs. Let’s learn more about the benefits of bananas to dogs! Aids Muscle and Blood Vessel Function Potassium, the essential vitamin that is found in bananas, is excellent for muscle and blood vessel function. It helps the muscle to move, and nerves function properly. Antioxidant and Immune System Boost Bananas also are rich [...]

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10 Benefits Of Pumpkin For Your Dog

Benefits of Pumpkin for your dog The benefits of pumpkin for a human is unquestionable, but can your fur friends also eat pumpkin? What can pumpkins do to your dog? Learn about the benefits of pumpkins to your dogs! Boosts immune system Pumpkins are rich in Vitamin C, a vitamin that is integral for human’s an animal’s health. Increase your pet’s immunity from diseases and sickness by giving him treats that contain pumpkins. 2. Promotes eye health Vitamin A is vital for our vision health, and it’s no different when it [...]

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Dogs

1. Dogs can fall in love just like humans Research shows that the level of oxytocin a dog’s brain releases increases when they interact with both dog and humans. Just like humans, our brain’s oxytocin, or what we called the “love chemical,” also increases when we kiss or hug someone. 2. A dog’s sense of smell is super powerful It is a fact that dogs use their powerful sense of smell to guide them, but do you know that they can smell a spoonful of sugar thrown in an Olympic-sized swimming [...]

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