What Are The Benefits Of Bananas For Dogs?

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There’s no question that banana is good for us humans, but do you know that bananas (in moderation) are also useful for our fur buddy?
Bananas have many benefits for dogs. Let’s learn more about the benefits of bananas to dogs!

Benefits of Bananas

Aids Muscle and Blood Vessel Function

Potassium, the essential vitamin that is found in bananas, is excellent for muscle and blood vessel function. It helps the muscle to move, and nerves function properly.

Benefits of Bananas

Antioxidant and Immune System Boost

Bananas also are rich in Vitamin C. Just like for humans, vitamins C also boosts the immune system of our dogs and can also act as their antioxidant. It can even help in the recovery of our dog’s injuries.

Benefits of Bananas

Help Constipation And Promotes Regularity

An average-sized banana contains about 3.1 grams of fiber, making them a good source of fiber. Fiber helps with almost any digestive problem of a dog. Whether it’s diarrhea or constipation, fiber can be a solution.

benefits of bananas

Regulates Blood Cell Function

A medium-sized banana has about 0.43 milligrams of Vitamin B6, a part of the Vitamin B complex that helps with a lot of important things relating to blood health. Vitamin B6 helps regulate blood sugar levels and aids in making red blood cells.

Dog’s deficiency of Vitamin B6 can lead to anemia, kidney stone, tooth cavities and more.

Benefits OF bananas

Helps With Proper Bone Growth And Vitamin Absorption

Do you know that bananas are high in Magnesium? A medium banana has 33mg of Magnesium. Magnesium is necessary for absorbing vitamin and minerals. It is also essential for growing pups since it supports bone growth.

We now know that a banana has a lot of benefits for our dogs but keep in mind that bananas should be used as treats and not as a meal because of its high sugar content.

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